Gretel Launches the Largest Open Text-to-SQL Dataset to Accelerate No-Code Analytics Tools Development

In a significant stride towards advancing the development of no-code analytics tools, startup Gretel has announced the creation of the largest open text-to-SQL dataset. This innovative dataset aims to bridge the gap between complex SQL queries and their textual descriptions, making data analytics more accessible to a wider audience.

The dataset, comprising over 100,000 high-quality synthetic samples, encapsulates text-to-SQL conversions that span across 100 different business and industry verticals. This vast collection covers typical queries that mirror real-world scenarios, thereby offering a comprehensive resource for developers and data scientists alike.

Crafted with the help of Gretel Navigator, an open artificial intelligence system, the dataset is a product of a sophisticated amalgamation of code-executing agents, several proprietary models including a custom tabular language model, and privacy-enhancing technologies. This blend ensures the generation of top-notch synthetic data from scratch, upon request.

In a remarkable achievement, an independent manual evaluation highlighted that Gretel's dataset outperforms the b-mc2/sql-create-context dataset in several critical areas. These include SQL standard compliance (by 54.6%), correctness of SQL queries (by 34.5%), and alignment with the textual query (by 8.5%). Such metrics underscore the dataset's reliability and its potential to significantly impact the development of analytic tools.

Moreover, the dataset goes beyond mere text-to-SQL pairs by incorporating explanations in plain English. This feature demystifies the SQL code for end-users, facilitating a deeper understanding and more effective utilization of the data. It also includes additional attributes like complexity and query type, offering a nuanced view of the SQL constructs involved.

Importantly, all SQL constructs are represented in the dataset, including subqueries, joins, aggregation, window functions, and set operators. This comprehensiveness ensures that users have access to a wide range of query patterns and types, further enhancing the dataset's utility.

Available on Hugging Face under the Apache 2.0 license, Gretel's text-to-SQL dataset stands as a testament to the company's commitment to advancing data analytics tools. By lowering the barrier to entry for complex data query operations, Gretel is paving the way for a future where analytics is within the reach of many more users, irrespective of their coding proficiency.

The dataset includes 11 fields shown below:

Dataset: gretelai_synthetic_text_to_sql

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