AI-Generated Blog Post: The Rise of Machine-Written Content

AI Written Content

In the age of digital content, a surprising new trend is emerging: people are beginning to favor content created by artificial intelligence (AI) over that penned by human writers. This preference was highlighted in a recent survey of 700 U.S. consumers, shedding light on the ever-evolving landscape of content creation and consumption.

Embracing the AI Revolution in Content Generation

Danny Goodwin reports on January 31, 2024, that generative AI has seemingly taken the lead in the content creation race. The survey, part of a larger Semrush report titled "Think Big with AI: Transforming Small Business Content Marketing," indicates that in a series of six head-to-head contests between AI and humans, AI-generated content was preferred every time. In tasks ranging from social media ads to blog post paragraphs and product descriptions, AI consistently outperformed human writers in terms of consumer preference.

The Battle of Words: AI vs. Human

The survey presented participants with various content battles, such as writing an intro for a blog post about the best cat food for indoor cats. In this battle, the AI's introduction was chosen by 54% of the respondents, compared to the 46% who preferred the human-written version. This pattern persisted across other content forms, signaling a shift in consumer tastes towards machine-generated prose.

Performance vs. Preference

Despite the survey's findings, it's crucial to differentiate between preferred content and content that performs well in terms of traffic, leads, revenue, rankings, and engagement. While AI content may be more favored in surveys, this does not necessarily equate to superior real-world performance.

The Pitfalls of AI Content

It's not all smooth sailing for AI in the realm of content creation. The survey acknowledges various instances where AI did not quite hit the mark. From AI-assisted travel articles that missed the comedic mark to an AI-generated article about 'Star Wars' that lacked credibility, it's evident that AI can still falter, sometimes spectacularly.

The Method Behind the AI Magic

Semrush's methodology involved working with several writers for the human copy and using detailed prompts to guide the AI in content creation. This sometimes required multiple iterations to refine the AI-generated result, emphasizing the importance of well-crafted prompts to produce high-quality AI content.

Lessons From the AI Content Battlefield

The Semrush report suggests that AI-written content can effectively engage customers if the AI tools are provided with sufficiently detailed prompts. However, the report also cautions against relying solely on AI for content writing.

Why AI Content Appeals

The survey suggests several reasons for the preference towards AI-generated content:

  • Conciseness: AI tends to get to the point more quickly.
  • Clarity: It often highlights value propositions or addresses reader concerns more clearly.
  • Readability: AI-generated content is usually easier to read and understand.


The rise of AI in content generation is a testament to the technology's growing sophistication. While AI has proven its ability to create content that resonates with consumers, it is not a panacea for all content creation needs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the complementary roles of AI and human creativity will likely become more defined and collaborative. The key takeaway? Whether using AI or human writers, the focus should always be on delivering quality, value-driven content to the audience.

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