The biggest Collection of Colab Based LLMs Fine tuning Notebooks

1. Efficiently Train Large Language Models with LoRA and Hugging Face

2. Fine-Tune Your Own Llama 2 Model in a Colab Notebook

3. Guanaco Chatbot Demo with LLaMA-7B Model

4. PEFT Finetune-Bloom-560m-tagger

5. Finetune_Meta_OPT-6-1b_Model_bnb_peft

6. Finetune Falcon-7b with BNB Self Supervised Training

7. FineTune LLaMa2 with QLoRa

8. Stable_Vicuna13B_8bit_in_Colab

9. GPT-Neo-X-20B-bnb2bit_training

10. MPT-Instruct-30B Model Training

11. RLHF_Training_for_CustomDataset_for_AnyModel

12. Fine_tuning_Microsoft_Phi_1_5b_on_custom_dataset(dialogstudio)

13. Finetuning OpenAI GPT3.5 Turbo

14. Finetuning Mistral-7b FineTuning Model using Autotrain-advanced

15. RAG LangChain Tutorial

16. Knowledge Graph LLM with LangChain PDF Question Answering

17. Text to Knolwedge Graph with OpenAI Function with Neo4j and Langchain Agent Question Answering

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