OpenAI updates

The OpenAI Board has chosen the co-founder of Twitch as the new CEO.

  • Emmet Shear is to be appointed as the new CEO of OpenAI.
  • This was announced to the company's employees by Ilya Sutskever.
  • He also stated that Sam Altman will not return to OpenAI.
  • This decision may exacerbate the crisis within the company.
  • Sutskever stated that the board is confident in its decision.
  • As this is the "only way" to protect the mission of OpenAI.
  • Altman, however, is unable to control AI development.
  • Sutskever was concerned about the overly rapid pace of development.
  • He feared that OpenAI would not be able to control its AI.
  • Emmet Shear also sees the risks and is skeptical of AI. 

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