Vimeo AI

Vimeo has unveiled a set of AI-driven tools designed to assist users in video creation, including generating scripts, using a teleprompter, and eliminating unwanted pauses or filler words from videos. Set to launch in July, these features are part of Vimeo’s $20-per-month Standard plan. Ashraf Alkarmi, Vimeo's chief product officer, emphasized that the tools are meant for novice video creators to simplify the production process. The company's AI-infused script generator employs the OpenAI API to craft scripts from brief descriptions and specific inputs. Alkarmi highlighted Vimeo's shift from being perceived as an entertainment hub to aiding businesses in using video as a robust communication medium. Despite facing competition from startups and established firms offering AI-driven video editing tools, Vimeo remains committed to furthering its AI initiatives.

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