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Microsoft AI

Microsoft Bing Chat’s GPT-4 integration brings powerful image recognition.

Microsoft is introducing image recognition support to Bing Chat on desktops, using OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 vision model. This update, named "Bing Vision," allows users to upload or paste images for Bing to analyze and explain. Currently, it's being tested with less than 10% of regular Bing Chat users in a random A/B test, but a full rollout is expected in the coming weeks. This feature is also integrated into Windows Copilot, enabling users to drag, drop, and analyze images, with the option to transfer them to PowerPoint, Word, or clipboard.

Bing Chat is coming to Chrome and Safari.

Microsoft tested Bing Chat support for Safari and Chrome and plans to announce its official expansion soon. The company is enhancing Bing Image Creator with AI and planning a "large-scale plugin rollout" to boost Bing chat's capabilities. Microsoft aims to transform each feature into a plugin to diversify Search aspects. Notably, the previous requirement for users to sign in with a Microsoft Account for Bing Chat has been removed as Microsoft shifts its focus to promoting Bing AI over services like Microsoft account or Edge.

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